Golden Year was brought to life to serve many purposes. Partially Golden Year is a stage for exploration. With a focus on jewelry and textiles, Golden Year takes a process based-approach to making. Experiments with metal and fibers take shape and turn into handcrafted objects that can be cherished by the wearer, and that meet the highest expectations of quality and attention to detail.


Golden Year is also a place where projects and collaborations happen. Through its existence we seek to create meaningful connection by reaching out, working with, and highlighting fellow artists and artisans, and we love when people are enthusiastic about GY in the same way. We believe it is imperative for artists and small business owners to lift each other up and give each other a stage when in a position to do so. If you are a creative who would like to collaborate or just have a little fun through a shared project, please reach out via email to


Turning a physical object into a source of positivity is core to Golden Year’s function in the world. We dream something up, put our hearts into it, bring it alive with our hands, and it send it out into the world with positive intention and with the hope that it brings joy to the wearer for years to come. With these values in mind, Golden Year gives 10% of proceeds from every online purchase to a cause that rotates quarterly throughout the year.

Right now donations will go to supporting the ACLU, which is a non-profit that is dedicated to defending the rights and civil liberties of Americans. The ACLU considers its-self “a champion of segments of the population who have traditionally been denied their rights, with much of our work today focused on equality for people of color, women, gay and transgender people, prisoners, immigrants, and people with disabilities.and other rights and civil liberties of Americans.”

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