In the Studio

At Golden Year, we source recycled metal as often as possible, as well as metals made and manufactured in the USA, and we adhere to a low to no- waste studio policy.

We use Sterling silver that is top quality and will last a lifetime.

In order to make our gold jewelry affordable and accessible to a variety of customers Gold Filled metal is used. Gold filled means that, rather than plating which only provides a few micron sized layers of gold around a base metal, our pieces have a much thicker protective gold layer that makes up for at least .05% the weight of the metal. This provides a quality gold finish that will last for years with regular wear.

Some of our larger pieces are made out of nickel free Brass. Brass is an amazing and versatile metal but requires care, and we recommend using a polishing cloth to shine your GY pieces as they tarnish over time.

Cleaning and Product Care

Brass, silver and other metals naturally oxidize over time. This is a completely natural reaction to moisture and oils on the skin and in the air, and will result in varying patinas. To restore your jewelry pieces to their original shiny glory, we recommend bathing them in warm soapy water, then drying and using a polishing cloth or metal polish. You can also clean your jewelry naturally using lemon juice and salt or baking soda with a soft cloth.

To keep your GY jewelry in its best condition over time avoid steam, salt water, and moisture or water of any kind. Keep jewelry in an air tight container or a plastic bag when you aren’t using it, and avoid tugging or pulling on chains.